Embroidery Workshop at The Social on Eighth

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Date: July 26, 2024
Location: The Social on Eighth, in Downtown Boise
Time: 6 - 7:30 pm
* Must be 21 years or older to attend *

Class Description:

Join Jennifer from Thread Honey to up-cycle an item from your closet!

At the workshop you will be walked through the process of embroidering on clothing and leave with a new statement piece. In this class you will learn 2 stitch techniques that you can use not only for this project but in future embroidery endeavors as well. This class requires you to bring in the clothing piece that you want to embroider on (see notes below) which means every item created at the class will be totally unique! This is a beginner-intermediate level workshop, designed for both people who have never held a needle before or people with prior embroidery experience!

At the end of the class you will have a “brand new” item in your wardrobe! After learning how easy it is to make old items new again with embroidery you can use these skills to help create a more sustainable closet.

The ticket includes:
- Stick & Stitch Embroidery Pattern
- Embroidery Floss
- Embroidery Needle
- Embroidery Hoop
- Illustrated stitch instructions
- Video tutorials you can reference after the workshop is over

* Beer, wine, cocktails and mocktails will be available to purchase at the event.

Please Note:
Students will need to provide their own clothing item that they will want to stitch on.
When choosing your item there are two main things you want to look for. The first is that you want to work with something that does not have a lot of stretch to it. If the fabric of your item has a lot of stretch to it then it becomes harder to stitch and your embroidery might pucker once you remove the hoop. The second is that you want the area that you stitch on to be larger than the 5” embroidery hoop you'll be working with. So stitching on an area like pants legs will be much more challenging than stitching onto the front of a button-up shirt.

Some great examples for items to stitch on are canvas tote bags, bandanas, denim jackets or an old linen dress shirt.

Terms & Conditions: To register, add the event to your cart, then go to your cart and check-out. You will receive a confirmation email with your registration. At the event, you will check-in with your name.

Refund Policy: Seats are limited, therefore refunds are not available. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket to someone else at least 48hrs prior to the event. If you do so, please let us know so I can update the registration and check-in list.

The Social on Eighth Address: 404 South 8th Street, Suite L120. Boise, Idaho 83702.

For questions, please contact us at hello@thethreadhoney.com

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