About Thread Honey

We Believe Handmade is Better

Thread Honey started in 2014 as an outlet for creativity and has since evolved to a modern day embroidery shop that inspires and gives instruction on creating wearable works of art and pieces for the home. The act of embroidery is special and there is nothing like the meditative state of using a needle and thread to create something stitch by stitch. At Thread Honey we want to remind new generations of what our ancestors always knew - handmade is better.

The Artist Behind the Brand

Jennifer Cardenas Riggs started her career as a graphic designer and combines her artistic skills with a passion for modern-day crafting. Taught to embroider as a young girl by her grandmother, she wants to share with others the tradition of slow needlework and textile art. Jennifer released her first book, Embroidery Now, through Hardie Grant Publishing in 2019.

Embrace Slow Fashion

Create pieces intended to pass down.

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