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EMBROIDERY NOW is a how-to guide that walks readers through 30 unique projects that will transform your wardrobe and home through the art of embroidery. The book includes 10 illustrated stitch techniques that are broken down step-by-step so even someone who has never picked up a needle before will be able to learn basic stitch techniques. The 30 individual how-to projects included in the book range from leather sandals and wool hats to lampshades and throw pillows. With dreamcatchers and constellation tablecloths, the designs are suited for a modern millennial who grew up watching their grandmother embroider but felt like the motifs weren’t for them. This book shows that embroidery can be for every generation and that there is a true beauty in creating things with your own two hands.

EMBROIDERY NOW feels like a culmination of all of my skills - I earned a degree in journalism at college and wrote for my university’s student paper, I studied visual arts and currently work as a graphic designer, and of course my years as a textile artist where I’ve prided myself on learning how to embroider on anything and everything. I can’t wait to share my knowledge of embroidery with the world and hopefully start many, many more people on their path into a modern version of this historic art form.

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