Cosmic Snake - Embroidered Clothing Pattern

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Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Stitch Techniques: Back Stitch, Long and Short Stitch, Seed Stitch, Star Stitch

Customize your closet and add a statement piece to your wardrobe with the Cosmic Snake Embroidered Clothing pattern! This PDF pattern has everything you need to learn how to up-cycle an item of your choice. Transform an old jean jacket you have laying around or a plain boring tote bag with this beautiful design. 

Cosmic Snake Design measures 3.7" x 7."

Are you a visual learner? This embroidered clothing pattern includes a step-by-step video tutorial!


• Video instructions

• Directions on how to print your pattern onto a sticky fabric stabilizer

• Downloadable PDF pattern

• Written instructions

• Illustrated stitch guide

• Suggested DMC embroidery floss colors

• Stitch Chart that maps out the type of stitches to use

• Details on how to find the perfect clothing item to stitch on



• Embroidery hoop (Details on finding the right size to go with your clothing item are included in your instructions)

• Clothing item of your choice (Details on how to choose the right clothing item are included in your instructions)

• Embroidery floss / thread (Suggested colors are included in your instructions)

• Embroidery needle

• Scissors


NOT SURE HOW TO EMBROIDER ON CLOTHING? Check out my video tutorial where I share how to transfer embroidery patterns onto clothing materials so you can peel, stick and stitch!


This design is also available as a full embroidery kit! If you're interested you can check it out here. 


*This listing is for a DIGITAL PATTERN and not a finished product. Upon your purchase you will receive a download link. After clicking the link you will have 24 hours to download the product before the link expires.


PLEASE NOTE: This pattern is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. It cannot be shared, transferred or re-distributed.

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