Embroidery Cakes: A collab with Alana Jones-Mann


I've always thought my designs were cute enough to eat, but this is just next-level.

The lovely stylist and designer, Alana Jones-Mann, has used a couple different Threadhoney embroidery hoop designs as inspiration for her latest tutorial on her blog. Click here to see the post!

 I'm such a huge fan of the beautiful work that Alana does with with customized desserts and you can see her passion come through with everything that she bakes. Plus, I love that in her tutorials she explains things so well that even someone who is as disaster-prone in the kitchen as I am can feel pretty confident when reading the directions!

Thank you again Alana for bringing these hoops to life, they perfectly bring out the stitching and painting techniques that I used when making the embroidery pieces. To see more of Alana's work, visit her website at alanajonesmann.com and follow her on Instagram @alanajonesmann for some serious eye candy.

Now if you need me, I'll be salivating over these sweet treats:

Alana Jones-Mann's DIY House Plant Cupcakes

Alana Jones-Mann's DIY Gemstone Cupcakes

Click here to shop the "Keep it Real" hoop - it's also available as an embroidery kit!

Click here to shop the "I Got My Eyes On You" Hoop.