Getting Creative on the "We're All Creative" Podcast


I feel like a real creative type - I officially recorded my first podcast! I’m honored to speak on the We’re All Creative Podcast, and join the list of amazingly talented makers who have spoken about their artistic path.

In the interview we discuss Embroidery Now, my advice for women who want to start their own business, how to collaborate with major clients and the future of Thread Honey.

Listen to the podcast episode here!

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"Talking Shop" with Kasee Bailey


I had such a fun time being part of Kasee Bailey’s “Talking Shop” series where she interviews women-owned businesses that inspire her.

In the interview we discussed how I got my start in embroidery, what advice I have for people who want to start their own business, my upcoming book and so much more! Here’s a small excerpt from the piece:

For you, why is creating by hand so important? 

There are so many things in this world that are disposable just because it’s more convenient. Fast fashion and cheap products are made and then immediately thrown into landfills and we’re losing our connection to each other in the process. When you make something by hand and then sell it to others or you buy handmade products you have the knowledge that you are directly working with another person and not a huge business conglomerate or a machine.

Read the entire article here! And you can read all of Kasee’s amazing articles on her website:!


Interview with Brooke Walker of KSL's Studio 5


Since moving to Utah I have been so excited to reach out to other crafty makers in my area. I've sold at and attended farmer's markets and craft shows and I'm constantly impressed by all of the creative and professional makers here in the Salt Lake Area. I was even more excited when someone from KSL's Studio 5 reached out to have me on their program to share what I know about embroidery!

Click here to watch the interview!

If you want to see me share my journey to becoming an embroidery artist, explain why I got a letter from Lil' Jon's lawyers and teach Brooke Walker how to do the backstitch click on the link below!

Studio 5 - A New Look For the Art of Embroidery


Design Sponge - Embroidery Instagram Feeds to Follow

"This feed, run by artist Jennifer Cardenas Riggs, is equal parts comedy and embroidery. Her designs keep me cracking up and coming back for more."

"This feed, run by artist Jennifer Cardenas Riggs, is equal parts comedy and embroidery. Her designs keep me cracking up and coming back for more."

I'm honored to be included in a roundup by Design Sponge of Embroidery Instagram feeds to follow, especially because I'm such a huge fan of the other embroidery artists that are featured. I feel so lucky to be a part of this Instagram community and becoming friends with so many fellow makers.

View the roundup here and check out Design Sponge for inspiration, DIY's and overall life loveliness!


No Culture Icons

Design by Michael Driver

Design by Michael Driver

I'm constantly amazed at how when I post pictures on Instagram from my little apartment in Indy, it travels the globe and can be seen from other makers and creatives all over the world. So when Zara Hedderman of No Culture Icons approached me about having a little feature on the Leeds-based website, I jumped at the chance. The website is dedicated to sourcing and sharing creative goodness through online features and exhibitions. They chronicle so many amazing artists from photographers and illustrators, to houseware designers and brooch makers.

To read the feature you can visit the site here. You can also find No Culture Icons on Instagram @nocultureicons.