materials & Equipment

  • Embroidery Needle : These come in sizes ranging from 1-10. The lower the size of the needle, the bigger the eye of the needle will be. So the biggest embroidery needle is a size 10 and the smallest embroidery needle is a size 1. I typically use two embroidery needles, a size 3 (when I’m using 4 or more strands of embroidery floss) and a size 7. (when I’m using 3 or fewer strands of embroidery floss).

  • Embroidery Scissors : These don’t have to be anything fancy (although if you would like some magical ornate snip designs you can shop here!), you just want a small pair of scissors so that you can make cuts to your thread without hitting the fabric below.

  • Embroidery Floss : There are many different embroidery floss brands out there but I use the brand DMC. You should be able to find this embroidery floss at any craft store around the world.

  • Embroidery Hoop : These come in sizes ranging from 3 inches up 12 inches and more. Wood embroidery hoops are the most common and easiest to find however you can also find embroidery hoops made of plastic, rubber and metal.

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embroidery hoops 101

In this video I discuss different types of embroidery hoops, how the embroidery hoop works, staining your embroidery hoops & closing your hoop backs.