embroidery unraveled

The first section of the book walks readers through Embroidery 101, teaching you what materials you’ll need, equipment to use, how to work with templates and great embroidery tips to start you on your stitching journey.


stitch techniques

This comprehensive section teaches readers 9 individual stitch techniques ranging from french knots to stem stitches. Each stitch technique includes step-by-step instructions and illustrated images so you can go forward into your project with confidence.





Included in the book are 30 unique projects to transform your wardrobe and home through embroidery. From embroidered wool hats to slide sandals you’ll be able to deck yourself head to toe in embroidery.


Some of the projects in the book include a template. These templates are a resource to transfer the pattern design onto the material you are stitching on. The majority of the templates are included in the physical book but a few of the templates were too large to include and are instead found in the Template Section of my site.